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Windows XP Home

How to do a fresh clean install of Windows XP, an upgrade, an uninstall, XP reinstalls, an XP repair, Windows Parallel install, XP OEM installs also check out the XP compatibility system requirements and how to Guides.

Windows XP was released on the 25th October 2001 and was the successor of Windows 2000 and ME, support for this operating system will cease on the 8th April 2014.

There are 3 service packs available for Windows XP, they can be found here. Many problems can be solved by installing or reinstalling service packs.

XP support ended April 8th 2014

Below is a list of some of our Guides:

Pre-install Guides

Hard drive not seen during install of Windows - A quick guide on how to resolve this issue

DVD/CD-Rom in BIOS - How to change your first boot device in the BIOS to DVD/CD-Rom.

Boot Disks - Get your Boot Disks here.

Unmountable Boot Volume - Common problem with earlier versions of XP, check out this guide on how to resolve

Minimal system specs - What is required of your computer to install Windows XP

Preinstall Checklist - Quick checklist to go through before you install/reinstall Windows

Slipstreaming - How to add updates to your Windows XP installation DVD

Troubleshooting - Some primary help in solving some very common issues in Windows

Ways to Reinstall - The different Ways to reinstall Windows

 Slow Windows?

Click here
 Recovery Environment?

Click here
 Need Service Packs?

Click here


Install/uninstall Guides

OEM Install Guides (For Dell's, Compaq's, HP's, etc etc)

XP Install Guides - XP Parallel Install Guide - XP Reinstall Guides

XP Repair Guides - XP Uninstall Guides


Post install Guides

Activate Windows - Change Motherboard - "How To" Guides - Large Hard Drive support - Registry Tips

Service Pack Downloads - Service Pack 1 Install - Service Pack 2 Install

Slipstream SP1 - Slipstream SP2, Slipstream SP3 & XP Commands
All versions of are available in our at: and


Various Other Guides

Windows XP OEM Installs - Click here to discuss in our Forum  - Get XP Home hereChange CDRom in BIOSService Pack Guides - Manufactured PC OEM Uninstalls, Upgrades, Reinstalls, Repair Guides all here - Change Motherboard and save Windows - How to Register and Activate Windows XP Professional over the Internet or by phone -  Windows XP CD-Rom Support GuideDownload Boot Disks for Windows XP - Uninstall Windows XP upgrades - Ways to Reinstall - Windows XP Preinstall Checklist - Windows XP Large Hard Drive Support - Unmountable Boot Volume Error - Preinstall Troubleshooting - Registry Tips & Tricks - Windows XP Commands (CMD)  - Windows XP Slipstreaming Updates and Service Packs

Before you reinstall Windows XP - Fix Speed Problems Here - Fix System Errors Here 

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