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How to Reset Windows 8

The Windows 8 Reset option is part of the repair options in the Windows 8 Recovery environment.

This guide is to show you how to do a reset of a Windows 8 Installation, the full image guide may take sometime to load so if you have a slow connection then use the thumb nailed (Small Images) version.

Windows 8 Developer Preview System Requirements, minimal specifications and hardware requirements

Resetting Windows 8 will cause the loss of your personal files, so if you have problems using or accessing Windows then you should first try a repair or the refresh options, if that fails try doing a full reinstall (without format). If problems still persist then chances are you have a hardware fault.

This feature is available in all versions of Windows 8. If you have a PC that was supplied pre-installed with Windows 8 then you may need to download the Win8 Recovery Environment disk.

Reset Windows 8 Guides:

Warning: Data may be lost when using these guides

How to Reset Windows 8 Guide with large images

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How to Reset Windows 8 Guide with small images

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How to reset Windows 8 Movie

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