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Windows ME installs, reinstalls and help


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Released on the 31st December 2000, Windows ME proved to be unpopular, buggy and for this reason only lasted for one year before being replaced by Windows XP on the 25th October 2001. From July 2006, Microsoft withdrew its support for the operating system.


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Windows ME Install Extra Help - Windows ME Install Guides - Windows ME System Requirements

Windows ME Tips and Tricks

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Windows ME Extra Help

Boot Disks

Change Motherboard

Change CDRom in BIOS 

CD-Rom Support

Large Hard Drive Support

MSDOS Commands

 Preinstall Checklist

Preinstall Troubleshooting

Setup switches

Uninstall upgrades

Useful Software

Ways to Reinstall

Windows ME System Requirements

  • Processor - Pentium or equivalent, 150 MHz or higher

  • Memory - 32 mb of RAM

  • Hard Drive Space - 320 mb to 420 mb depending on configuration selected

  • Display - VGA or higher

  • Peripheral - Microsoft Mouse or compatible

  • Modem - Minimum supported 28.8 or higher baud rate.

  • For Movie Maker - 300 MHz processor, Pentium II or equivalent, 64 mb of RAM, 2 GB of free hard disk space for video.

  • Other hardware is required for DVD, Broadcast and Web Reception, Internet Connection Sharing and Windows Media Player

Windows ME Install Guides

Windows ME, step by step graphical guide

Single Page Guide
Windows ME Upgrade Install  

Single Page Guide
Windows ME, OEM Installs

Guides here
Windows ME Setup Switches

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Windows ME Tips and Tricks


Windows me Batch Install – Automate the entire process

Blue Screen of Death when ejecting DVD movies missing after upgrading to Windows ME

 Error message after running defrag

 Format -s does not work

 How to Extract Files for Windows ME in MSDOS

How to find Product ID in Registry (Windows 98 and Windows ME)

How to Compress or Encrypt Folders

How to Encrypt Folders

How to Extract Files From Desktop in Windows ME

What is Msconfig For Windows ME

What is Msinfo32 in Windows ME

How to Install Compressed - Encrypted Folders

Sharing Compressed - Encrypted Folders

Installing a Windows ME Upgrade CD without a Previous OS installed

Windows ME - Scandisk-Defrag Looping, will not finish

Cannot Complete Setup After Receiving Scanreg Error Message

What's on the Start Menu in windows me

How to run System Restore in Windows ME

WINDOWS ME - System Hangs During Plug and Play Detection on first Boot

Windows ME - System Restore Disabled

Windows ME - USB Power Exceeded Error Message


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