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Pixel the smallest area of screen display which your computer controls. The more there is then the finer and more detailed the picture will be.

MDA Monochrome Display Adaptor

Display showing 80 letters across the screen and 25 lines down.


An American company which first started producing a graphic adaptor and so set the standard for others. Displays 720x348 pixels.

CGA Colour graphics Adaptor

A colour display of 620x200 pixels in two colours, 320x200 in four colours.

A colour display of 320x200 in four colours

EGA Enhanced Graphics Adaptor

allowing user to select 16 colours from choice of 64 and displaying 640x350 pixels.

VGA Video Graphics Array

Display 256 colours on the screen at once, 640x480 pixels.


Improved monitor specification led to the 800x600 SVGA card rapidly becoming accepted as an improvement on standard VGA.

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